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woody guthrie

12/19/14 08:52 pm - Black Messiah is Here!

D'Angelo The Vanguard Black Messiah new album is here!

D'Angelo, The Vanguard - Really Love

D'Angelo, The Vanguard - Betray My Heart


12/19/14 04:38 pm - ---

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12/19/14 12:51 pm - Vintage maid

Originally posted by inna1903gr at Винтажное ню

100% natural breasts, interesting haircuts, in which position you want to paint the lips and nude to view the former plastic first lady of France (is she? really it?)

Bob Watson, 1985

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12/19/14 12:35 pm - Fly me to the Moon!

600 hp to take you to the fucking moon!

1967 Volvo Amazon 600 hp

Originally posted by 2101 at 1967 Volvo Amazon 600 hp

12/19/14 11:58 am - Jon Henrik Fjällgren uppträder i Mittåhamran

Very beautiful, if not spiritual..

One of the summer's most beautiful memories was when me and the whole family was uppbjudna to Mittåhamran and
Mittådalens pasture. Jon Henry performed a few songs and we were with the veal labelling on the night that followed.

Jon Henrik Fjällgren jojkar Daniels jojk LIVE-Allsång på Skansen 2014
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